Behind the Scenes

Some notes from the owner:

“I’m obsessed with all things design, whether it’s architecture, interiors, materials or salvage. If we find something special and there’s an opportunity to bring it back life, then I’ll relish the challenge. We don’t act as an agency for other properties and we’re not interested in building a ‘party house’ business. We just love finding run down buildings or empty plots and building spaces that people can meet, eat and enjoy.

Whether it’s a Regency house, stable block, or a run down pub, give us some time to work our magic and we can give you something special to rent for your holiday, wedding, business meeting or private event. If you like restoring old places too, then keep an eye on this page and our ‘Coming Soon’ tab as there’s some very interesting projects working their way through the FOODIE DEVELOPMENTS pipeline…..”

James Watts
Foodie Developments
Owner, Designer & Developer